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General Description

The Noto Marine Laboratory of Kanazawa University is located on the Noto peninsula, which protrudes from the center of Honshu to the Sea of Japan, and is built facing the Tsukumo Bay with a complicated geography . It was established in 1958 for biological research and education about animals and plants in the Sea of Japan.

The Tsukumo Bay is a Rias coast, the width of the mouth of the bay is about 200 meters, the length is 1,200 meters and the depth is 27 meters, with no waves in the bay even in rough weather. The area around the laboratory is designated as a national park, and the area around the mouth of the Tsukumo Bay as an underwater park.The 50-kilometer coastline around the Tsukumo Bay has a diverse seabed of sand, mud and rocks.

The biota is influenced by the Tsushima Current and Japan Sea proper water, and both southern and northern marine species are found. It is possible to use sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfishes, acorn worms and other various creatures for educational training and research. An annelid, a species of Siboglinidae, is exceptionally living in the warm shallow area of 8 m in depth as a creature of this group.

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Research Staff

Nobuo Suzuki, Professor
Toshio Sekiguchi, Associate Professor
Yoichiro Kitani, Assistant Professor
Kenji Toyota, Assistant Professor


Shouzo Ogiso, Technical Specialist
Ryutaro Shimo, Technical Assistant
Michiko Sora, Administrative Assistant


Masanori Kurita (Suzuki Lab, D1)
Kaito Hatano (Suzuki Lab, D1)
Takayoshi Sakai (Sekiguchi Lab, M2)
Kouhei Kuroda (Suzuki Lab, M1)
Eito Iwama (Kitani Lab, M1)
Jantamat Duangmorakot (Kitani Lab, M1)
Shion Ooshima (Suzuki Lab, B4)
Tomoki Takahashi (Suzuki Lab, B4)


Research building

Laboratory (8 rooms), Temperature-controlled room, Educational training room, Dark room, Facility director’s room, Office

Experiment building

Lecture room, Specimen room, Aquarium room, Constant temperature aquarium room, Outdoor water tank area

Accommodation building

Guest room (8 rooms), Suit room, Manager room, Dining room, 2 Bathrooms, Washroom, Laundry room


Aosagi (4.9 t), Kurosagi (1.4 t)


From Noto Airport

Approximately 50 minutes by the Furusato taxi and 1,300 yen (reservation required)

From Komatsu Airport

Approximately 40 minutes to Kanazawa Station by bus, 1,130 yen

From Kanazawa Station

Take the Hokuriku Railway Bus to the bus stop “Tsukumo Bay” for about 3 hours, 2,580 yen (2 bus a day)

How to Use

This facility can be used in research and Educational training. Please email Research Staff if you wish to use the Noto Marine Laboratory.